Sometimes while at various events that we have been with. I get asked the same questions? That is a great idea, except that I don’t have enough room to turn my bike around in my garage, it’s full of stuff! I realize that space is needed to use this type of device. But the Turncycle Centre Stand disc can also be used on asphalt, cement driveways or even interlock bricked driveways. As long as surface is level and stable, the disc can be used safely.

It can be also helpful in motorcycle repair shops, in showrooms or where parking spaces are restricted. The disc could really benefit the end user. The disc has an advantage over those 4 wheeled carts that you have to lock the casters on each wheel before you use it. Then spin the motorcycle around and then unlock the wheels??? The ease of use of the disc kit, it can be set up in a matter of under a minute. The rubber levelling mats and disc can be placed and marked out on the garage floor, so the mats and disc can either be left in place or set back quickly. The motorcycle can be rolled over the disc and put up onto the centre stand and spun around in under a minute. The motorcycle can be left on the disc until the rider is ready to ride again. The disc however must be picked up after the bike is removed.

In my market studies, I noted that there are two competitors that make a similar product Turn-a-Bike or Move-tech . Both didn’t come up with an innovative system with the levelling mats to raise the motorcycle to the same height as the disc. In testing of our disc, we found that on some motorcycles, the extra lifting effort to lift on the motorcycle was too great. With the addition of the levelling mats allows the user to be able to lift the motorcycle on the centre stand with the same effort as on a level surface. Both other manufacturer’s offer a limited warranty, but Turncycle offers a limited lifetime warranty.

We stand by our products and are sure that the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc will become an indispensable accessory to any motorcycle enthusiast! No more 5 or 6 point turns to spin your motorcycle around!  Look for our discount coupon code in the October-December BMWON magazine. Apply it in the checkout area, and get FREE SHIPPING till the end of the year!