People love their Turncycle® disc!

My turn cycle arrived a couple of weeks ago so I have now used it several times and I’m impressed! Previously, every time I ride, I had to do a 5 point turn over uneven paving just outside my carport. Now with Turncycle I ride straight out without a hassle. It takes me just a couple of minutes to use including getting it, positioning it, turning my RT and then putting it away. Well made too.

A great product. Thanks.

W McDonald, Adelaide, Australia

A classic, brilliant “why didn’t they think of this before?” invention.

I have a common setup at home, single garage, his and hers cars on a single width driveway, so getting the bike out means wheeling BACKWARDS through the narrow aperture between the cars, bins and carport, trying not to damage/ trap anything- including my legs!.

Now I just wheel her out of the garage, spin, ride past the obstacles on the bike, and off.

Simply brilliant.

M Wallace, Scarborough, ON

I live in Quensland Australia & needed to keep my Honda ST-1300 in my garage to protect it from the sun -as my football knees do not allow me to easily move bike around and space limited – I found the Turncycle disc on line the guys were excellent in shipping and even gave me a couple of freebies – the disc works exceptionally well and I do not hesitate in recommending it to all bike owners even those with reverse gear. Just so easy to use and well made.
G Spencer, Mackay QLD, Australia
When I first saw the Turncycle at the Paris Vintage Motorcycle show, I immediately bought one (I think it was the first one ever sold).
My bike is way too big for me and is hard to manover around my garage. It’s so much easier to just spin the bike around and be able to move forward out of the shop!
Thanks Turncycle, now if I drop my bike, it will be out riding, not in the garage!
R Overholt, Port Carling, ON
Such a simple design, easy to use. Wish I had had one a long time ago!
D Nault, Armstrong, BC
Even my wife can spin her sport bike around with ease. No worries about dropping the bike backing up out of a parking spot.
B Whittleton, Picton, ON
I love the Turncycle Centre Stand disc. It’s easy to use, lightweight, sturdy and when you’re not using it you can just hang it on the wall. In my opinion it’s a must have for the motorcycle enthusiast!
C Williams, Listowel, ON
This is a great product. The two pads differentiate this product from similar ones. My bike was too heavy to get the center stand down on the elevated units with four wheels. Plus, this product has a non-slip surface which also resists damage from the center stand. All in all it’s a perfect solution for turning a heavy bike in a small space.
S Tanner, South River, ON