Spin Cycle Products manufacturer of Turncycle® is pleased to announce that TurnCycle US of San Antonio, Texas, USA has been named as a new distributor/dealer representative for Turncycle® for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and Louisiana. Carey Birmingham is the president of the newly formed company to expand the presence of “Turncycle” products and to help set up distribution in the Southern USA.

Spin Cycle Products president Rob Baetz said, “It is great to have Carey onboard  to be supporting us as distributor/dealer representative for Turncycle in the huge motorcycling region of the states.” We got to finally meet last month at the Revved-Up Women Texas Motorcycle Expo near San Antonio, and Carey is dedicated to help expand “Turncycle products” with his business expertise and motorcycling background and a loyal Turncycle customer!

He can be reached at

TurnCycle US

Carey Birmingham

20022 Creek Farm

San Antonio,Texas, USA


(210) 262-8490


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