Spin Cycle Products, manufacturer of Turncycle®  Centre Stand Disc, has just completed it’s first retail sale to Europe to Cork, Ireland! It was our popular 20″ (508 cm) disc kit.

Spin Cycle Products president and owner, Rob Baetz, said, “It’s been another milestone we have been hoping to make. We have shipped 85% of our product to the United States, Canada, Australia, and are thrilled to have our product finally get to Europe”.

It is the hope with this success from our first order that word of mouth will help solidify more sales in the great country of Ireland. There are many riders in Ireland and Europe, who would benefit with the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc and other products that we are currently developing.

We had a lot of interest since our product was displayed in a blog from Europe with the help of our YouTube video’s. Here’s the link to our video’s at Turncycle TV” 

We are still looking for a dealer/distributor in Europe to carry our products and help to reduce the shipping costs. We may even look at ways to partner with an existing manufacturer to build them there!

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