Return Policy2015-01-01T14:09:26-05:00

Undamaged and unused products purchased through Spin Cycle Products may be returned within 30 days of purchase at the same price as item was sold for. You the customer will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs for returning your item if applicable. Please contact sales@turncycle.ca for any questions in response to product returns.

Bearing Care Instuctions2015-01-01T10:38:24-05:00

If the bearing surface becomes wet, place disc on side or hang up on hole provided and allow water to drip out. Blow dry bearings with a hair dryer to remove all moisture on bearing races. Then spray a small amount of light lubricating oil i.e. WD-40 or 3-In-1 oil to prevent surfaces from rusting. If bearing becomes noisy while turning, if dust or dirt has entered the races, clean bearing surfaces with warm water and perform the above procedure.

What size of Centre Stand does the Turncycle fit?2015-07-14T20:50:51-05:00

The Turncycle® fits most motorcycles with a centre stand width of 10″ to 15″.

If I have a problem with the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc, who do I contact?2015-07-14T20:52:00-05:00

Do not return to the place of sale, please contact us directly by email or phone, we would be glad to help you with any concern or problems you may encounter with the disc.

Does the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc come fully assembled?2015-07-14T20:52:52-05:00

Yes the disc comes fully assembled and ready to use. The kit includes two rubber leveling mats, Turncycle® Centre Stand Disc, and instruction manual.

What do I have to do if the bearing surface gets wet?2015-01-01T10:37:19-05:00

Please refer to the instruction manual provided with the disc, or consult the website for the bearing care instructions in the FAQs.

Can I use the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc on a sloped driveway?2015-07-14T20:53:40-05:00

No, the disc is to be used on a flat, level, solid surface. Always check the area for levelness before using the disc. Failure to check may cause the motorcycle to upset when on disc.

What is the purpose for the leveling mats?2014-05-23T16:15:18-05:00

The purpose for the two rubber leveling mats is to reduce lifting burden when placing the motorcycle on the disc. With the mats installed at the front and rear tires would give the same level to the disc as if you lifted the motorcycle on a level surface.

What is the warranty of the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc?2015-07-14T20:55:26-05:00

The Turncycle® Centre Stand Disc has a limited lifetime warranty.

1 Spin Cycle Products will warranty the Turncycle® Centre Stand Disc for manufacturer’s defects and not the result of neglect or abuse to be determined in our reasonable and absolute discretion to the original owner for the lifetime of the  product. This warranty is non transferable.

2.Spin Cycle Products will replace any defective part on the Turncycle® Centre Stand Disc. If the Turncycle® Centre Stand Disc fails due to a manufacture defect we will repair or replace the defective item at no charge at our discretion. This does not cover the paint surface on the bottom of the disc or the top anti-slip cover, as these are normal wear items. Due to the many different styles of centre stands, we cannot guarantee against cuts or abrasion of the cover.

3.Please contact us at sales@turncycle.ca for more details about warranty or other questions. Proof of purchase invoice will be needed to proceed with any warranty.

Can I leave my motorcycle on the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc?2015-07-14T20:57:15-05:00

Yes, you can leave the motorcycle on the disc after you have turned the motorcycle 180° degrees. The disc is built tough enough to have the motorcycle rest upon it continuously.

If my motorcycle doesn’t have a centre stand can I use the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc?2015-07-14T20:57:56-05:00

If your motorcycle has no centre stand, you cannot use the disc.

How much weight can the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc carry?2015-07-14T20:59:03-05:00

The Turncycle® disc will carry a maximum weight of 1000 lbs. or 454 kg.

How do I know if the Turncycle Centre Stand Disc will fit my motorcycle?2015-07-14T21:01:37-05:00

Watch our video on our YouTube channel to find out what bike will fit the centre stand disc and how to check. Using a tape measure, measure the distance between the two vertical legs and the distance should not be any wider than 15″.